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The Heart+ App Benefits:

The Quantum Code Generator produces quantum codes that unlock 108 sacred natural energies delivered to you via the Heart+ App that have been scientifically shown to lower your stress by 30.2%, improve heart function, balance your autonomic nervous system, increase your energy, enhance physical and mental performance and your overall well-being.

Via the Heart+ App we believe, together as one we can make the world a better place by opening the heart energy center of 1% or more smart phone user’s on the planet, moving humanity from fear and hatred to Love!

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“I have always searched for the little differences that make the big difference for athletes and executives and having used a form of Quantum Code Technology for the past 15 years, I know the Heart+ App will help your health and heal the world. The research behind the Heart+ App speaks for itself.”

Dr. Ann Quinn

Peak Performance Specialist

Our Mission

Our mission is to have more than 1% of the global population using Quantum Code Technology™, that is broadcast through the Heart+ App which we believe and backed by science will move humanity from Fear to Love, which will make the world a better place for us and our children.

Quantum Code Generator
broadcasts the Quantum Codes

Via the internet, to your smart phone or other mobile devices

To improve your well-being and help move humanity from Fear to Love

The Science

Quantum Code Technology QCT™ is an Energy Field based technology made up of 108 sacred natural energies found in nature, sacred geometry and a specific combination of elements that when combined, support and enhance the efficiency and performance of various organic and inorganic systems. Biological (The Human Body), electrical (Batteries), chemical and other physical systems influenced by QCT™ applications exhibit increased functionality, coherence, structural integrity and other positive characteristics and benefits.

The effectiveness of QCT™ has been independently documented by over 30 studies, many conducted at major universities and a 34 page scientific research paper published in a prestigious peer-reviewed health journal. The independent university research on QCT™ demonstrates increased resistance to stress, enhanced cellular performance and improved heart function by reinforcing key components of the human biofield.

As a result, performance, wellness, and dynamic stability as shown in these studies are enhanced. Moreover, some of these studies were conducted in a rigorously controlled, double blind manner using placebo controls, which is the gold standard of clinical research.

In a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (JACM) in January of 2017, using Heart Rate Variability which is the “gold standard” of clinical western medicine—a randomized, double-blinded, rigorously controlled clinical study, the conclusion was that QCT™ in the Heart+ App reduced the “flight-or fight” stress response, lowering stress by 30.2% therefore improving heart health and promoting autonomic nervous system balance in normal healthy adults. Moreover, autonomic nervous system balance is also a prerequisite for healing and helps maintain a homeodynamic balance.

Quantum Code Technology™ has been shown in scientific testing to improve heart rate function and to balance and strengthen the body’s energy system (the meridian system).

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Love is the Power

Moving Humanity From Fear to Love

This book is a revolution. It accomplishes what every great revolution seeks – to change the way we look at our relationships, our lives, and the very world we live in. It answers some of the deepest questions that have haunted us since the very beginning of time – who are we and why are we here? Most importantly, it gives us a glimpse into the near future when a small but critical number of people reach the same conclusion – that contrary to what we’ve been told we are not weak and vulnerable, but powerful beyond our wildest imaginations.

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“This is the most beautiful story of how thought, words and action are the beginning building blocks of the quantum field that creates our experiences.  Many of Robert’s   thoughts about human behavior I have pondered after my own NDE.  We truly are all connected, and love is the fabric that connects us.”

Lisa Garr

Host of The Aware Show

“We are at a time when those visionaries, mystics and healers, that for centuries have stayed in the background, are rushing forward to bring new awareness and in this case, technologies to a world that is lopsided without them. Thank you Robert for your invention to help us lower stress and experience more love, happiness and joy”

Will Arntz

Creator of What the Bleep Do We Know!?

“Love is the power and is the message from a man who has gone through more than most of us could dream of, and what a journey. Robert’s experience is both unthinkable and incredible, and to think he found a way for us to heal the world on his travels. With the way we are destroying the planet and ourselves don’t you think it’s time to step back and embrace the Quantum Codes and the power they possess to heal ourselves and in turn heal the planet? I dare you to read the book and try not to get involved in healing the world. I’m all in.”

Matt Pini

Dual International Rugby Union Player

“Robert O. Williams has had an incredible life experience. I’m so grateful he shared it with us in his new book, Love is the Power. His connection to source energy has pulled him through some rough challenges. He emerged through it all like a butterfly and his invention gives us hope for humanity. This book is a must read. I highly recommend it, five stars!”

Catherine Lanigan

Author of Angel Watch, Divine Nudges, Angel Tales, Romancing the Stone, The Jewel of The Nile and over 40 other best selling books

“Love is the Power is a truly amazing account of Robert O. Williams’ journey from his unique childhood experiences to becoming the inventor of groundbreaking technology. Robert cleverly explains his awakenings and the gifts that lead him to creating the Heart+ App and this book, which together are a blueprint for world peace by incorporating love, science and technology.

Pat Cash

Wimbledon Men’s Singles Champion, Charity Campaigner, Life Mentor, father of four, grandfather of two

“Do you love that feeling when you’re let in on a big secret? The more I read of Love is the Power, the bigger it felt! It is clear now that Robert Williams was divinely guided on his mission to provide a technology that improves the life of every living creature on the planet. So good, it was literally “to die for.” Very grateful he came back to write this valuable book that everyone will enjoy reading.”

Stephen Powers

CEO, BodhiTree.com

“From The Beach Boys to beached-out bliss, Robert Williams’ soul journey is remarkable and inspirational. And it’s more – it’s a reminder to all of us who we really are. This little miracle of a book is something to return to again and again, especially in those moments when we forget.”

Bryan Hubbard

Co-editor, What Doctors Don’t Tell You
Author of The Untrue Story of You

“Robert dedicated his life and life’s work to bring us to the leading-edge through Love is the Power. Whilst seemingly a topic of infinite commentary, Robert’s work shows its simplicity. It may just be time to lean in and surrender. The hearts of the world need us.”

Natalie Cook

OAM 5-Time Olympian, Gold and Bronze Medalist/Beach Volleyball

“Williams makes a journey we all must make, providing us guideposts along the way. His powerful experiences trigger the best in us as we each awaken. We understand that enlightenment is love actualized. I read this book in one day, feeling more uplifted with every page! This is destined to be a best-seller in these times of change. Having known Robert for over 25 years, I can say that he truly lives his Light.”

Jonette Crowley

Author of The Eagle and the Condor and Soul Body Fusion

“Robert is a heart-awakening visionary who has given us the codes to bring forth the dawn of our collective planetary healing and transformation of human consciousness. The quantum leap we have all been waiting for…”

Dr Daniel B. Taylor, OMD

Founder, Optimal Health and Wellness Centre

“Robert invites us into his profound journey…a life-long exploration to understand the dynamic forces of Love and the cosmic connection through energy that we all share. Open this book with an open mind. Awakened consciousness and the power of Love is the final frontier. Are you ready to make a quantum jump?”

Bill Froehlich

Writer-Director-Producer-Author MacGyver, The Outer Limits

“Musician, educator, inventor, and author Robert Williams’ life is a powerful alchemy of grounded mysticism. The imparted wisdom in this book is a guidance map extracted from the core of his dedication to spiritual evolution. Love is the Power is a testament toward understanding that we are spirits on a human journey.”

Dr Francesca McCartney

Founder of Academy of Intuition Medicine®

“Robert’s Near Death Experiences (NDE) and the expanded spiritual journey that resulted will resonate with many people. Robert came back for the greater good of mankind. This book and his Heart+ App invention will make a difference in the consciousness of humanity at a time when we need it the most.”

Robert Gourlay

RFD, B.AS., M.AS., Research Scientist and Inventor

“A fascinating life story that spans being a musician on stage with the Beach Boys to becoming the creator of Quantum Code Technology. Love is the Power: Moving from Fear to Love is truly a great read, filled with pure heart, spiritual awakenings and true life experiences. Robert O. Williams’ hope for humanity is beautiful. This book must be shared.”

Temple Hayes

Spiritual Leader, Author, Difference Maker

“Baraka is an ancient word denoting the beneficent force of God growing into aspects of creation worthy of enjoying His holy presence. Robert awakens us to a different reality extending God’s divine Baraka to you in Love is the Power. In this manifesto, your love will come alive, and in this love, you will find the joy of God. In this joy of God, you find God within yourself. I encourage all to join Robert on his ascended journey to heal the heart of humanity.”

Joe Heller

Harmonic Evolution

“Robert Williams’ timely book and the Heart+ App is just what the doctor ordered to help us navigate the waters of stressful uncertainty.”

Barnet Bain

Director of Milton’s Secret, Author of The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work

“Robert’s book is more important now than ever. To have invented the Heart+ App to help shift global mass consciousness and invite our participation in the 1% Challenge is genius!”

Deirdre Hade

Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Author of
The (not so) Little Book of Surprises

stanford-logo“This Technology is vitally important for the future of humanity.”
Prof Emeritus William Tiller, former Chairman of the Department of Materials Sciences, Stanford University

“The Heart+ app improves your heart health, and increases your ability to cope with stress completely effortlessly.”
Professor Beverly Rubik, PhD

imperial-college-logo“These are Nobel Prize results.”
Ali Unal, PhD, Professor at Imperial College London

penn-state-logoSomething has been achieved that I’ve never seen before during my 53 years of material research.”
Prof Rustum Roy, former Chairman of the Department of Materials Sciences, Penn State University


Interviews with Robert O Williams and Bo Rinaldi regarding the book, Heart + app and environmental products are available here. For media information and interviews please contact our publicist Dea Shadera-Hunter at 747-239-1715 or Dea@Shandera-Hunter.com.

Robert O. Williams, and his Remarkable Book and a Heart+ App, Helping Humanity Move from Fear to Love

What happens when we live all emotions, thoughts and body feelings – as love – as opposed to just searching for love? We are free to give to others without need or fear. That love is the power – and it is pure heart consciousness.

Is it possible? Can we actually increase daily our ability to be in that state of love? Yes, indeed, and Robert O. Williams has found two breathtaking ways to lead us there.

Williams’ experiences fired his desire to bring to mankind the gift that he had discovered, and he realized that scientific knowledge of that interface between the physical and the metaphysical could be the realm that would speed mankind’s move from fear to love. His tenacity and unwavering pursuit resulted in the Quantum Code Technology™ – a breakthrough that is destined to have a profound impact on manifesting a better world.

Celebrities, Musicians and Spiritual Celebrities are all saying lets move humanity from Fear and Hatred to Love in these Videos, Movies and Songs and the Heart+ App opens the heart enhancing love of every smartphone user on the planet…


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